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Car Wash Service Nanaimo

Touchless Car Wash Nanaimo

Save time and hassle with out touchless car wash located at the Great Canadian Oil Change & Car Wash on Metral Drive.

We use only high-pressure water jets and soap to clean your vehicle without any part of the equipment physically touching your car or truck. This eliminates the chance of any cosmetic damage that sometimes can be caused by the use of abrasive brushes.

Undercarriage Wash

There are many reasons to use an undercarriage wash. Brake dust accumulates on the wheels, calipers & suspensions. In the winter season road slat can cause major corrosion under your vehicle. During the spring & summer months there is mud, tar and other road grit which can plug under carriage drainage holes.

A good under carriage was can help your vehicle last longer. Jet spray directly underneath the vehicle and can break loose accumulated debris, salt, etc. Side blasters knock off any heavy dirt.

Triple Foam

Chemicals in the triple foam break down bugs & clean the glass while providing a shine.

Rain X

Rain X helps improve visibility by repelling rain, snow & sleet from your windshield before it has a chance to stick while you are driving. This helps drivers see more safely while driving in adverse conditions. Rain X can also help repel insects, and even help prevent the buildup of frost during periods of cold weather.

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